About Us


Ahlia Insurance Company (s.a.) is one of the leading private companies in Iraq. It was established by prominent Iraqi businessmen and first started its activities in February 2001.

The AIC was licensed by Ministry of Finance for writing both life and non-life insurance covers. The paid-up capital ID is  Billion, Two Billion Five Hindred Million Iraqi dinars (2500000000).


Board of Directors:                                                                                        


  1.      Hamed Abd Ali Abd Al-Kareem        Chairman
  2.      Hasanin Hamed Abd Ali                    Vice-Chairman
  3.      Mahdi Hamed Abd Ali                       Member  
  4.      Abd Alsattar Jabar Hashem               Member         
  5.      Yahya Majeed Mustafa                      Member  
  6.      Mustafa Yahya Majeed                      Member   
  7.      Ammar Adnan Saeed                        Member     





  1.   Yesar Farook AL-Mallak                        General Manager
  2.    Muataz Alyas Khuther                           Accountant in the Finance  Dept      
  3.    Mokhaled Jamal Abass                         Management Depet
  4.    Mohammed Abd Al-Jabar                      Management Dept    
  5.    Mithaq Jabar Abd Alkhaliq                    Productive



Basrah Branch:


  1.   Rana Noory Rajab                                   Basrah Branch Manager
  2.   Farah Jaber Muhammd                           Management Dept
  3.   Tarik Sabah Noory                                   Productive
  4.   Muhsein Khzaal Ali                                  Productive