Your Health is Secured Program - Group

The " Your Health is Secured " insurance program provided by Al-Ahlia Insurance Company provides health insurance service to all institutions in the public and private sector and covers treatment services according to the category of coverage required which includes detection and diagnosis expenses, treatment, medicines, etc. at the largest network of accredited medical centers and hospitals in most governorates.

Advantages of the program:

• Insurance cover categories are varied (Silver - Gold - Platinum ).

• One year's insurance is renewed every year based on the wishes of the insured and the approval of the company.

• The treatment shall be within the approved medical network specified according to the requirements of the document as well as outside the network according to the wishes of the affiliate.

• The company provides the insured with an insurance card for use when referring to the medical network.

• Medical approvals section available 24/7.

• The possibility of adding other covers according to customer's request (eyes, teeth, etc.)

• Prices are negotiable according to the number of affiliates to be insured.

Health insurance program – group - Silver Offer

Health insurance program – group - Golden offer

Health insurance program – group - Platinum Offer

to apply for the fire insurance program (your health is secured – groups) please apply here.