Services Insurances

Group Health Insurance

The company undertakes to bear the medical expenses resulting from the physical damage of the insured's employees during the insurance period only, whether it is in governmental or private sector hospitals inside and outside Iraq available within the medical network. The employee is able to go to any medical center or clinic for the purpose of receiving treatment. The employee will pay the costs after the required medical work and then send the sealed and signed invoices and medical reports to the official of the insurance department in their company upon filling out the claims form. The Health Insurance includes:

  1. Medical visits
  2. Surgical operations of various types
  3. External examinations and treatments (treatment is not intended for medication)
  4. Medicines
  5. Dental Treatment
  6. Childbirth (natural or caesarean)
  7. Laboratory Analysis, Radiation, Hatchet, Binoculars

Life Insurance

It is a contract concluded between the policyholder and the insurance company or insurer, in which the insurance company undertakes to pay a sum of money upon the insured person's death for insurance premiums paid by the insured to the insurance company on a regular basis or as a lump sum payment. It is divided into two temporary and mixed types where temporary insurance is characterized by minimal premiums and is often only for one year, and this type fits the following categories:

  1. Low-income people who want to get the most protection for their families at the lowest cost.
  2. Freelancers with no regular income

Mixed insurance is one of the most common types of insurance because it is considered a savings for the insured and a guarantee for his family and can fit all ages and levels.

Cars Insurance

Insurance for cars and vehicles against the risks of collision, overturn, theft, fire and damage caused by cars to others and covers dangers of (theft, fire, collision, overturn, civil liability, damage to third person, terrorism... All of which we offer you with meagre annual instalments.

For the purpose of providing you with offers including prices, conditions and exceptions, please provide us with a list containing the information below:

  1. Vehicle Type
  2. Car Price
  3. Year of manufacture

Cargo Insurance

The document covers goods transported by sea, land or air and imported under documentary credits or bank transfers with all hazards or ordinary cover (if desired) for the transport phase from the source country to the importer's warehouses in any governorate. A cover policy may also be issued for goods transported within Iraq from border ports and Iraqi ports to all governorates. Insurance prices varying according to the type of cover, type of goods, method of packaging, mode of transport and place of shipment. The policy shall be effective for the period from the date of commencement of shipment until it reaches the place specified in the policy.

Fire and Property Insurance

This document covers the fire danger to buildings and assets within these buildings such as commercial shops, official services, warehouses, residential homes, factories, and hotels.

The following risks can be covered, including but not limited to the insurance contract in addition to exceptions

  1. Fire
  2. Lighting
  3. Damage caused by civilian aircraft
  4. Terrorism
  5. Storms, hurricanes, floods and dumping
  6. Destructive Force Damage
  7. Malicious damage
  8. Soil decline or landslide
  9. Explosion or flooding of tanks
  10. Flames
  11. Riots, strikes and civil unrest.

Theft Insurance

It is burglary and theft insurance intended to provide protection and coverage against losses or damages resulting therefrom or tracking fracture and illegal entry into insured facilities or safe preservation places

Engineering Insurance

It includes: All risks of contractors, all risks of installment, covering the period of construction work, the installment and the period of maintenance, which conforms to the general conditions of the contracting of civil and mechanical engineering works at very appropriate prices, as well as the insurance of boiler explosion, machine disruption and loss of profits resulting from machinery disruption, in addition to insurance of electronic devices and computers.

Civil Liability Insurance

Covers damages to third party (others) due to actions of people or their affiliates

Personal Liability Insurance

Includes insuring fund trustees' and others in case of embezzlement and forgery.

Cash Insurance

Cash insurance during transfer: includes damage, loss or theft of money during the transfer from and to the institution.

Cash insurance during preservation: includes compensation for damage, loss or theft of money while in the safe rooms or secured vaults.

Personal Accident Insurance

This document provides a set of basic and optional covers that guarantee a financial support to your loved ones in the event of death or disability.

Medical Error Insurance

Al-Ahlia Insurance company policy provides protection for medical practitioners against the risks associated with their work, and liability to others that may result from an error, negligence or omission during the course of work

Travel Insurance

To create the right atmosphere for new experiences during travel, the travel insurance policy issued by Al-Ahlia Insurance Company provides extensive cover for damage during travel to offer protection against all risks facing the passenger, loss or recovery of the body

Insurance of ATM machines

This insurance covers bank ATMs as well as cash/money insurance and compensation after theft or loss of cash/money, while in the ATMs located in utilities and public squares during working hours or outside working hours, or in property and facilities in closed iron cupboards or resilient rooms or in commercial premises.

Loan Insurance

The type of borrower's life insurance is temporary and covers the risk of death (Natural, regular and death due to terrorist acts), the insurance company undertakes paying the amount of the loan balance owed + the return to the insured at the time of death and is obliged to pay the loaned premiums + the return on the projects (Small, medium and residential) etc. The duration of insurance shall be equal to the duration of repayment of the loan to the bank specified in the contract. The insurance contract shall commence from the date of receipt of the loan by the borrower.