About Us

Al-Ahlia Insurance Company places the customer at the top of its priorities with an individual primary focus on the insurance services it provides. Building long-term relationships with the customer and achieving full customer satisfaction as it represents the most important element, and a comprisable goal are at the forefront of our goals. The company’s success and reputation do not depend solely on the quality of our products and the service provided to our customers but also the way we do business in our years of work, Al-Alia Insurance Company has assumed a prestigious place in the Iraqi insurance market, achieving its main objective, which is to provide quality services to its community.

The company was founded in 2000 with the certificate no. 7423 on 19/6/2000 issued by the Companies’ Registration Department and was authorized to practice all types of insurance (General and Life) under the license issued by the Ministry of Finance - Office of the Insurance Controller under No. 3/2001 on 5/2/2001. The Company commenced its activity in mid-February 2001 with a capital of (500,000,000) five hundred million IQD that increased during the company's working years to reach (7,000,000,000) seven billion IQD in 2020. The company established its first branch in Basra, which began operating on February 1st, 2002 by producing and issuing various insurance coverages.


Al Ahlia Insurance Company aims to meet the requirements of the insurance market at the highest levels, through an experienced team that does the utmost efforts in providing distinctive insurance services in the insurance industry around the world.


  • Al Ahlia Insurance Company seeks to be the best company in the Iraqi insurance market in terms of providing distinguished service to its customers through professional skills and competencies that work to provide distinguished services to its customers.
  • Al Ahlia Insurance Company seeks to provide various insurance services commensurate with the needs of the public with a high degree of technology and quality.
  • Staying up to date with the latest in the insurance world at the regional and international levels to provide the best services and alternative solutions for our customers.
  • Contribute to the development of Iraq's national economy.
  • Honesty in business, building mutual trust and fast performance, meeting customers' ambitions.

Principles and values of work

  1. Assume social responsibility towards the community.
  2. Adherence to professional and ethical rules, laws and standards in the workplace.
  3. Mutual trust between the company and its customers.
  4. Transparency in communication with customers.
  5. Integrity at Work.
  6. Respect customer privacy

Company's Objectives

The company aims to achieve its mission and vision stemming from a clear reading of the future and active contribution to developing and upgrading Iraq's insurance industry to the highest levels and participating in the construction and renaissance of the economy of Iraq and its development as one of its components, by providing its distinctive services to its customers from the rule of mutual partnership as a safety net for the interests and property of its faithful.

Company Staff

1.MOHAMMED AHMED AL HASSAN/Chairman/bachelor’s degree in accounting \Nearly 10 years'
experience in insurance, in addition to the work of management, and is familiar with all the details of
insurance management (production - compensation -Accounts - etc...).
2. MUSTAFA ABDULKAREEM HASSAN AL KHAZZARJI/Managing Director /bachelor’s degree in accounting \ Nearly eight years'
insurance experience in addition to management and reinstatement work and is familiar with all the details of insurance management (production Compensation -
Accounts - etc...).
3.THALJAH BOUGAINMI/Managing Director/Master of financial and banking economy
Experience in the field of insurance for about 10 years in addition to management, return, production and compensation works and is familiar with all the details of the insurance department.
4. SAJJAD ABDULAMIR FINJAN/Director of Basra Branch/ bachelor’s degree in Accounting
Experience in the field of insurance for nearly five years in addition to the management of the company's branch and the follow-up of all insurance, coordination and public relations.
5. ABDULLAH AHMED SABIH/Accountant/ bachelor’s degree in Accounting
Experience in management and managing company accounts for more than three years.
6. ZAHRAA ABDUL MOUNAM ABOOD/Human Resources/Bachelor’s degree in English Arts
Nearly ten years' experience in human resources management, translation, contract organization and correspondence in addition to underwriting work.
7. SARMAD SALMAN TALIB/Bachelor’s degree in Media /
Nearly four years' experience in human resources management, issuance of documents, organization of contracts and correspondence in addition to underwriting work.

MOHAMMED ABDUL AMIR ABOOD/Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking Sciences has nearly two years' experience in administrative business, contract organization, correspond
9. Al Mualij Public Services Co., Ltd an Iraqi company consisting of a group of Iraqi doctors charged with the management of health insurance policies under a contract.
The company perform its work through direct reviews or through a medical network (hospitals, health centers and clinics) provided by the company concerned in all over Iraq to provide the best medical services to the insured.