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Insurance Offers

Life Insurance

Temporary insurance is characterized by the following:

1. Minimal premiums. 

2. It often lasts for one year only. 

This type of insurance suits the following categories: 

1. Limited wages individuals who wish to grant their families greatest protection with the least cost.

2. Freelancers who don’t have a regular income.

Mixed insurance is regarded as the most common type of insurance as it is considered as a savings method for the insurer and a grantee for his\her family; it could also suits all ages and levels. 

Take the opportunity and contact us where you'll find assessment and excellent insurance services.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an agreement between two parties where the first party bears the costs of treatment provided by the second party (individuals or groups) in exchange for a specified amount which will be paid as one or multiple payments.

 Health insurance is based on the concept of distributing the expected risks which might the individual face; that will lead to reducing of burden and costs of the illnesses of the insure. Hence, health insurance is a social system based on cooperation and interdependence among individuals. The insurance company organizes benefiting from risks distribution in exchange for a defined fee.

Travel Insurance

Al-Ahlia insurance company provides a travel insurance policy to provide the best atmosphere for new experience during traveling. The company policy provides a wide coverage for damages of all sorts of risks that might face the traveler such as loss or recovery of the body.

Personal Accidents

Our companys personal accidents policy provides a twenty four hours protection all over the world with competitive prices. The policy covers the following:

  • Accidental death.
  • Total disability.
  • Partial \ permanent disability.
  • Payment of medical costs as a result of an accident.
  • Weekly compensation.
Insurance of Medical Mistakes

This policy provides protections for those working in the medical field regarding risks related to their occupations and liability towards others that might result from mistakes, neglect or inadvertently

Insurance of Properties and Accidents

This policy provides protections against any future damage that might affect the insurers properties by providing a completed set of options.

Insurance of Automobiles

An insurance that offers a high level of protection on the insurers automobile where he\she would feel protected even if the car got into an accident since the insurer will avoid paying huge amount of money for repairing costs. This insurance also covers risks of theft, fire and damages of a third party. Automobile insurance provides:

1. Feeling of protection against loss.

2. Community protection: represented by protecting of community financially (financial loss) and socially (avoiding disputes).

Marine Insurance
  • Transportation of cargos (sea , air and land) 

         Marine , air and land insurance is considered as one of the oldest types of insurance. Al-Ahlia insurance company provides a completed           set of services that cover all insurance types.

  • Marine insurance (hull and machinery)
Engineering Insurance

We provide protection against loss or damage in every step of the developing process which includes:

  • Contractors – all sorts of risks.
  • Factories, equipment, machinery of contractors.
  • Insurance on electronic devices.
  • Establishing – all types of risks.
  • Machinery failure.
  • Insurance on delaying on work inception. (ALOP OR DS4)
Liability Insurance
  • Employer's Liability towards the employees (Employees liability)
  •  Automobiles Damages liability (Financial and Physical) (Auto Liability) 
  •  Third Party Liability
Insurance of Cash in Transit

This type of insurance covers the loss of the insurer cash for any cause not excluded in this policy.

Insurance of Cash in Preserving

This type of insurance covers the loss or damage of total or partial amount of cash due to fire, thunder or theft within the limit of insurance, taking into consideration the exclusion mention in the policy.